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The 4th Workshop on Super B-Factory will be held at Villa Mondragone Congress Center on 13 - 15 November 2006.

Villa Mondragone is a magnificent old building, former residence of the popes, embedded in a oak parkland and located a few kilometers from Frascati.

This is the fourth of a series of workshop aimed at the design of a very high luminosity e+e- collider, using many of the same technical approches as for the International Linear Collider. On this basis, the previous meetings have explored several new and promising ideas for reaching luminosities as high as 1036 cm-2s-1 or more. We expect to complete the development of a coherent concept for the machine and the associated detector, in order to be able to write the concept design report. The workshop will also continue to study the capabilities of SuperB for a full range of flavour physics, and the corresponding requirements and demands on the detector.

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A registration fee of 120 Euro, as contribution to the workshop organization, must be paid cash at the Registration Desk (no advance payment, no checks, no credit cards). This includes lunches, coffee breaks and a social dinner.

Participants from Rome Universities and LNF are invited to register to obtain a pass and a lunch reservation.

Participants who need a VISA to come to Italy have to contact the Italian Embassies or Consulates. Contact the Organizing Commitee if you need a letter of invitation.

Participants are supposed to book directly the hotel room. The Accommodation page provides the related information.

For any kind of question, comments or suggestions on the programme, contact the Organizing Committee.