24-08-2015: Stage formativo
04-08-2015: C. Galbiati - The DarkSide Program for Direct Dark Matter Searches at LNGS
23-07-2015: A. F. Fantina - Dense matter in core-collapse supernova and neutron-star physics
22-07-2015: A. M. Kudin - The NaI:Tl and CsI:Tl crystals for effective detection of X-rays and low energy charged particles
18-07-2015: Visita guidata ai laboratori sotterranei
16-07-2015: Visita guidata ai laboratori sotterranei
14-07-2015: Visita guidata ai laboratori sotterranei
13-07-2015: M. Gromov - Antineutrino analysis based on the FADC system data in Borexino
09-07-2015: Threshold Cross Sections of Drell-Yan and Higgs at N^3LO QCD
08-07-2015: South Africa Underground Physics Laboratory - prospects and initiatives





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