16-01-2017: Special singular solutions of soliton equations and indefinite scalar products.
21-12-2016: MRPC and dE/dx software of the BESIII experiment and study of the D+->K-Pi+e+nu_e decay at the psi(3770) resonance
20-12-2016: I. Tamborra - On the astrophysical origin of the IceCube high-energy neutrinos
19-12-2016: Dr. Luca Tortora: What’s this & where is located? Energetic ion bombardment as a tool for chemical surface analysis and depth profiling
14-12-2016: Seminario Divulgativo, C. Curceanu
14-12-2016: The window for preferred axion models
13-12-2016: Two seminars from SABRE collaboration visiting scientists
12-12-2016: T. Powers, RF Measurements of a Superconducting cavity
12-12-2016: Methodological considerations on neuroimaging‐derived biomarkers
08-12-2016: SPERIMENTANDO AL MUSME “A pieni polmoni”: Anatomia e Fisica insieme per spiegare l’aria e la respirazione





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