23-10-2014: LNF Mini-Workshop Series: Fundamental and Quantum Physics with Lasers
21-10-2014: CFA - Lectures on Dark Matter
20-10-2014: A. Grillo - Are cosmic rays still a valuable probe of Lorentz invariance violations in the Auger era?
19-10-2014: ESC14 Architectures, tools and methodologies for developing efficient large scale scientific computing applications"
15-10-2014: What Next LNGS: prospettive per il ruolo scientifico dei LNGS
15-10-2014: LNF Mini-Workshop Series: Stato e prospettive dell'adroterapia in Europa
14-10-2014: The ILC project - Its Physics and Status
10-10-2014: Measurement of the pi0 Lifetime: QCD Axial Anomaly and Chiral Symmetry
08-10-2014: Porte Aperte 2014
08-10-2014: Incontri di Fisica 2014





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