02-07-2015: Z. Fülöp - Towards edutainment: improving the public acceptance of physics
02-07-2015: S. Bordoni - Neutrino oscillation measurements at T2K
01-07-2015: Constraining portals with displaced decay searches at the LHC
01-07-2015: Fisici in Cittŕ
01-07-2015: 2d Quantum Gravity with matter: a statistical mechanical approach
01-07-2015: M. Takács - Constraining Big Bang lithium production with recent solar neutrino data
01-07-2015: D. Bemmerer - 22Ne(p,gamma)23Na reaction studied at LUNA: results from the germanium detector based part of the experiment
25-06-2015: Lectures on Double Beta Decay
24-06-2015: LNF Mini-Workshop Series: Rewarding Science
24-06-2015: A. Gazizov - Neutrino-nucleon cross-sections at energies of Megaton-scale detectors PART 2





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