04-08-2014: Mini-stage in Modern Physics: challenges and opportunities
26-07-2014: Seminario e visita ai lab. sotteranei
24-07-2014: Operation Staus Report and Phase I and II Accelerator Upgrade Programme
22-07-2014: New Results from the CRESST Experiment
15-07-2014: SHIP: a new experiment proposal
14-07-2014: Noble Liquid Detectors for Dark Matter Search
11-07-2014: Two GEM Applications: Forward EIC Tracker with Zigzag-Strip Readout & Muon Tomography for Homeland Security
10-07-2014: Higgs discovery and BSM searches at LHC
09-07-2014: Quarkonium Physics at LHC
06-07-2014: 14th International Conference on Nuclear Microprobe Technology and Applications (ICNMTA 2014)





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