21-11-2014: Il Bosone di Higgs qui tra noi
20-11-2014: 1st INFN Innovation Meeting
19-11-2014: Isoscalar and isovector mesons upon unbreaking of chiral symmetry
17-11-2014: Limits on the Pauli-forbidden transitions in 12C nuclei obtained with low-background Borexino detector
06-11-2014: The CernVM ecosystem: a versatile environment for high-energy physics applications in the cloud
05-11-2014: R. J. De Boer - Complimentary measurements of Cross Sections for Nuclear Astrophysics: 14N(p,g)15O and others
28-10-2014: Le Frontiere e i Confini della Scienza
23-10-2014: LNF Mini-Workshop Series: Fundamental and Quantum Physics with Lasers
21-10-2014: CFA - Lectures on Dark Matter
20-10-2014: A. Grillo - Are cosmic rays still a valuable probe of Lorentz invariance violations in the Auger era?





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