17-04-2015: Sperimentando 2015
17-04-2015: LHC a Padova. Padova a LHC
16-04-2015: Accelerator R&D Program at Integrable Optics Test Accelerator
16-04-2015: Matinées della Scienza INFN-LNF ALiS Accelerators for LiFe and Science
15-04-2015: Settimana della Cultura Scientifica
15-04-2015: Quasi-stationary states in particle systems with power law interactions
13-04-2015: Claude Viallet: On the algebraic structure of rational discrete dynamical systems.
13-04-2015: Computing the hadronic vacuum polarisation from lattice QCD
10-04-2015: Gianluca Vivian, Electrical-thermal-structural numerical simulation of a plasma ion source for the production of radioactive ion beams
10-04-2015: V. Litichevskyi - ZnSe scintillating bolometer with ionization readout - a new approach for particle discrimination technique





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