DATA: 13-09-2010

The 8th edition of the CRIS Series of conferences will be held in Cefalů (Palermo-Sicily) from September 20, 2010 to September 24, 2010. CRIS is a well-established series of conferences organized by researchers of the Catania University and the Italian Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare. Formerly "Catania Relativistic Ion Studies" and since 2004 edition "Cosmic Ray International Studies". At the onset of LHC physics, and with great cosmic ray experiments such as Auger in full run and Telescope Array, in progress, by bringing together experts and active researchers from different fields as Cosmic Ray research and Cosmology of the early Universe communities and high energy astrophysics in general (and nuclear and particle physics as well), CRIS 2010 aims to establish a synergic cross-disciplinary flow of information and feedback between the different communities, to the benefit of each and all of them. The intimate ambiance and calm and lovely setting of the conference Venue (Cefalů) and the nearby accommodations will favor an informal yet productive exchange of information beyond the traditional boundaries of each one's field of expertise. Enthusiastic comments on past editions of CRIS have convinced us that this kind of cross-disciplinary thrust is much needed, most welcomed and well appreciated.


18-10-2019: Seminario Interdisciplinare Fisica-Filosofia - Sebastian de Haro
18-10-2019: Ultimissime dallo spazio tempo
17-10-2019: The GRAvitational – wave Science&technology Symposium (GRASS 2019)
16-10-2019: An Ideal description of Scattering Amplitudes - Francesco Coradeschi
16-10-2019: World Wide Data Day (W2D2)
15-10-2019: MA-XRF Scanning in Conservation, Art and Archeology
10-10-2019: F. Gao - Status of the XENON Dark Matter Search Experiment
09-10-2019: Incontri di Fisica 2019
04-10-2019: Nuclei per la cultura
03-10-2019: Boron Neutron Capture Therapy: status and Novosibirsk solution





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