DATA: 19-09-2005

The Conference will be held in Arcetri, Florence, on the premises of the new Galileo Galilei Institute (GGI) for Theoretical Physics, funded by INFN and sponsored by INFN and University of Florence. The GGI is located on the hill of Arcetri, near the house where Galileo spent periods of his life and died in 1642. Fields to be covered in the Conference are those of interest to the GGI itself: -theory of quantum fields and strings, -phenomenology of the standard model and beyond, -astro/cosmo-particle physics, -statistical field theory and complex systems. The Conference Program consists of invited talks and the number of participants will be limited to about hundred invited people.


21-11-2017: Tecnologie del Vuoto - Forum per la Ricerca e l'Industria
17-11-2017: Studies of Baryon Resonances with the HADES Spectrometer and Pion Beams @ GSI
16-11-2017: Dmitri Melikhov (SINP, Moscow State University and HEPHY, Vienna) - Rare radiative leptonic B-decays in the Standard Model
14-11-2017: W2D2 world wide data day di LHC
14-11-2017: Advanced aspects of SUSY QFTs
10-11-2017: Three seminars of visiting scientists from VIP Collaboration
10-11-2017: Advanced aspects of SUSY QFTs
09-11-2017: M. Pezzetti, The Cryogenic Control System of the CERN Neutrino Platform Detectors, NP02 and NP04
09-11-2017: Highlights in Supergravity:Callan-Coleman-Jackiw 47 years later
08-11-2017: La Fisica incontra la cittā - Che cos'č un'interazione fondamentale





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