DATA: 19-09-2005

The Conference will be held in Arcetri, Florence, on the premises of the new Galileo Galilei Institute (GGI) for Theoretical Physics, funded by INFN and sponsored by INFN and University of Florence. The GGI is located on the hill of Arcetri, near the house where Galileo spent periods of his life and died in 1642. Fields to be covered in the Conference are those of interest to the GGI itself: -theory of quantum fields and strings, -phenomenology of the standard model and beyond, -astro/cosmo-particle physics, -statistical field theory and complex systems. The Conference Program consists of invited talks and the number of participants will be limited to about hundred invited people.


31-05-2016: Beam-beam in Lepton Colliders
31-05-2016: Visita guidata ai laboratori sotterranei
29-05-2016: Open Day 2016
29-05-2016: Premiazione concorso Anch'Io Scienziato 2016
28-05-2016: How I met science
26-05-2016: Introduction to the Physics of Circular Particle Accelerators
26-05-2016: Applications of linear accelerators (2)
25-05-2016: The Horizon2020 EuPRAXIA Project - Towards a Groundbreaking European Plasma Accelerator
25-05-2016: Low Q^2 boundary conditions for the Altarelli-Parisi equations dictated by quantum statistical mechanics.
24-05-2016: Do we really live in four or in higher dimensions?





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