DATA: 19-09-2005

The Conference will be held in Arcetri, Florence, on the premises of the new Galileo Galilei Institute (GGI) for Theoretical Physics, funded by INFN and sponsored by INFN and University of Florence. The GGI is located on the hill of Arcetri, near the house where Galileo spent periods of his life and died in 1642. Fields to be covered in the Conference are those of interest to the GGI itself: -theory of quantum fields and strings, -phenomenology of the standard model and beyond, -astro/cosmo-particle physics, -statistical field theory and complex systems. The Conference Program consists of invited talks and the number of participants will be limited to about hundred invited people.


30-09-2016: Notte dei Ricercatori 2016
30-09-2016: J. Deltoro, Pulsed power system and temperature acquisition system for future silicon sensors
30-09-2016: Dalle particelle alle galassie
30-09-2016: La notte dei ricercatori 2016
30-09-2016: Bright- Researchers Night at INFN Pisa
29-09-2016: M. Pezzetti, The Control System of the new CERN HI-LUMI Cryogenic Test Facility
28-09-2016: KL → π0νν Beyond Grossman-Nir Bound
27-09-2016: SIF 102 Congresso Nazionale
26-09-2016: Quantum Theory and Quantum Field theory derived from information-theoretic principles
13-09-2016: Going beyond traditional parton showers: amplitude-level evolution





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