DATA: 10-09-2008

Evento organizzato in occasione della partenza di LHC con la partecipazione di numerosi giornalisti della stampa locale.


28-06-2016: A. Rahman, Irradiation Effects in High Melting Oxides and Synthesis of New Luminescent Composite Materials
28-06-2016: M. Gromov - The joint search for Gravitational Wave and Low Energy Neutrino signals from Core-Collapse Supernovae. Methodology and Status report
24-06-2016: Searching for evidence of beyond the Standard Model Physics at the LHC
23-06-2016: About the diphoton excess at ATLAS and CMS
23-06-2016: Modern tools for studying non-linear beam dynamics in simulations and measurements with an emphasis to frequency map analysis
22-06-2016: Advanced topics of non-linear beam dynamics, including Lie formalism, symplectic integrators and normal forms
22-06-2016: The birth of gravitational waves astronomy: an overview of in the latest LIGO-VIRGO observational run
21-06-2016: Hamiltonian formalism applied to beam dynamics, perturbation theory, onset of chaos
21-06-2016: visita guidata
20-06-2016: The dynamics of non-linear differential equations and their application to accelerator dynamics





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