DATA: 28-08-2017

Studies at the connection between energy frontier collider physics and astroparticle physics constitute one of the most fascinating scientific endevours of our time. The workshop will study in depth the relations between dark matter and collider physics for both the most popular WIMP dark matter candidates and non-WIMP scenarios. It will assess the sensitivity of the LHC and future colliders to dark matter motivated models, explore the combinations of data from colliders, direct and indirect searches and the underlying systematics. The Higgs sector may play a key role in connecting dark matter to ordinary matter and will be examined in detail. The scientific program will evolve around four main thematic areas: Collider Physics and Dark Matter, Higgs Sector beyond Electro-weak Symmetry Breaking, Collider Physics and the Early Universe, Collider Physics and High Energy Cosmic Rays The workshop will promote the interaction between its participants across their fields of expertise, define the relevant open questions, gather theorists and experimentalists working towards solutions, introduce students and young postdocs to new concepts, offer expert tutoring and training in the use of computational tools.


12-12-2019: The charm and beauty of the Little Bang
12-12-2019: Circuit complexity and 2D bosonisation - Dongsheng Ge
12-12-2019: M. Tobar - Precision low energy experiments to test fundamental physics and search for dark matter
12-12-2019: MisuraCC3M@LNL: materiali superconduttivi
11-12-2019: Multiplicity and energy dependence of light charged particle production in ALICE at the LHC
11-12-2019: Double-Logarithmic contribution to Pomeron and application to the photon-photon scattering - Boris Ermolaev
10-12-2019: Dai spazio al tempo
10-12-2019: Machine Learning in High Energy Physics - Tommaso Boccali
10-12-2019: New Space Economy - European Expoforum
09-12-2019: Visita ai laboratori della Sezione INFN di Trieste da parte di studenti del Liceo Scientifico dell' IIS Cattaneo-Dall'Aglio di Castelnovo ne' Monti (RE)





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