DATA: 13-06-2017

One year after his premature passing away we warmly welcome you to join us in commemorating Roberto Petronzio. Roberto was an outstanding scientist with a fine mathematical mind and an exceptional physical intuition. His fundamental contributions on all fronts of modern theoretical physics include the first complete calculation of the renormalization group evolution of parton densities beyond the leading order of the QCD perturbative expansion, the bounds on Higgs and top masses in the context of Grand Unification Theories, the connection between hard processes and mass singularities, the first non-perturbative calculation of electroweak hadronic matrix elements. With Nicola Cabibbo and Giorgio Parisi he was a leading figure of the APE project, aiming at designing and building a highly performant parallel supercomputer optimized for QCD calculations. By using the APE supercomputers of the first generation, Roberto pioneered the field of non-perturbative lattice QCD simulations and, subsequently, gave many fundamental contributions in this field. Roberto was a very charismatic person and a great leader. He was a highly appreciated science manager, a member of the Council of the Tor Vergata University,of the APPEC, of the CERN Council, of the ICTP Steering Committee and INFN President. Roberto was a great teacher. He had an exceptionally thorough understanding of field theory and statistical mechanics and he was able to communicate his knowledge with enthusiasm to young students. A generation of brilliant physicists, spread across different laboratories and universities, is part of his legacy.


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