DATA: 14-07-2017

The ISOLDE front-end function is to connect the targets to the ISOLDE beam line and operate them in a highly radioactive environment. The ISOLDE Frontend is one of CERN's most irradiated machines. In addition, because of the numerous changes of targets, thus rupture of the vacuum confinement, there is also a risk of external contamination. Maintenance, troubleshooting and upgrades must be planned and optimized precisely to limit the doses received by the workers. The same goes for a front-end replacement, which happens every 8 or 9 years. The installation of a new front-end gives the opportunity to make some upgrades and consolidations in the faraday cage, for example the electrical conductors and insulators that have suffered from the radiation will have to be changed. During the future long shut down 2018-2020 we will replace front-end 6 and 7 with new ones that will be partly redesigned.


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