DATA: 29-06-2017

Seminario dr. Marco Selvi We report the first dark matter search results from XENON1T, a~2000 kg dual-phase xenon time projection chamber in operation at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso in Italy, the first ton-scale detector of this kind. The blinded search used 34.2 live days of data acquired between November 2016 and January 2017. Inside the (1042±12) kg fiducial mass and in the [5, 40] keVnr energy range of interest for WIMP dark matter searches, the electronic recoil background was (1.93±0.25)x10−4events/(kg x day x keVee), the lowest ever achieved in a dark matter detector. A profile likelihood analysis shows that the data is consistent with the background-only hypothesis. We derive the most stringent exclusion limits on the spin-independent WIMP- nucleon interaction cross section for WIMP masses above 10 GeV/c2, with a minimum of 7.7 x10−47cm2for 35-GeV/c2WIMPs at 90% confidence level. In the full nominal 2 t y exposure, we expect to reach with XENON1T a sensitivity of 1.6 x10−47cm2. We will also present the future upgrade of the detector, XENONnT, with increased active mass and lower background, to foresee another order of magnitude improveme nt in sensitivity by 2024.


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