DATA: 06-12-2017

The workshop will present the biospeleological research activity in the framework of the project and taking place in the Mavrovo National Park, Macedonia. The event will be streamed at: http://www.infn.it/video/multimedia/diretta-lngs.html --- Mavrovo Caving Poject Speleological exploration and scientific research: a clear example of collaboration and multidisciplinarity The idea of exploring the karst mountains of Macedonia, in particular those located in the Mavrovo National Park, was born by chance in 2016 after a conversation with a Macedonian friend who attended an introduction course to speleology, organized by the Centro di Speleologia Montelago. After an accurate analysis of satellite images, we immediately realized how the considered area shows a highly karst potential. Driven by an irrepressible curiosity, in summer 2016 during our first exploration all our hypothesis were confirmed. During the first mission, pursuing the indications of local speleologists, we explored important sites, forgotten by the local population, which turned out to be of enormous scientific interest. We have established important relationships with local and national authorities that allowed us to organize a second exploration in 2017, with a purely scientific aim. The seminar titled "Mavrovo Caving Project" aims to illustrate the investigations following the two expeditions and the preliminary and relevant obtained results.


09-12-2019: Visita ai laboratori della Sezione INFN di Trieste da parte di studenti del Liceo Scientifico dell' IIS Cattaneo-Dall'Aglio di Castelnovo ne' Monti (RE)
09-12-2019: Properties of nuclei in the N=Z=50 region investigated via multi-nucleon transfer reactions and lifetime measurements - Marco Siciliano
06-12-2019: From kaonic atoms to strangeness in neutron stars
05-12-2019: M. Gromov - Updated results of the geo-neutrino observation with the Borexino detector
05-12-2019: A scuola di radioattivita'
04-12-2019: La fisica incontra la cittą - L'arte ed i suoi segreti: la fisica per svelarli
04-12-2019: Nuclei per l'ambiente
04-12-2019: A. Melchiorri - A crisis in lalalambda land?
02-12-2019: MariX: Conceptual Design Report of a Multi-disciplinary Advanced Research Infrastructure for the generation and application of X-rays
28-11-2019: Quantum Optical Control of Levitated Solids: a novel probe for the gravity-quantum interface





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