DATA: 18-07-2018

Speaker: Dr. Vira Hovorukha National Academy of Science of Ukraine Th talk will present the second aspect of the concept - non-specific accumulation of radionuclides by microorganisms based on similarity of ionic radii of radionuclides and metal ions with macro elements. The first part will include an overview about ion interactions with surface cell structures and of mechanisms of ion transport into microbial cells. In the next part will be presented a principle for classification of elements according to similarity of ionic radii and comprehensive table rearranging the periodic table of elements according to this principle. After that, three groups consisting of macro elements and their metal and radionuclide analogues will be discussed in details to understand and analyze mechanisms of non-specific radionuclide accumulation. The last part of the seminar will discuss ways for application of natural mechanisms of ion sorption and transport to provide efficient radionuclide extraction from waste waters and methods for enhancing bioaccumulation capacity in various environmental conditions. Also, few examples of application of combination of microbial non-specific reduction and non-specific accumulation will be given to demonstrate an efficiency of established theoretical approach.


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