DATA: 23-01-2019

(V.Kulikovskiy) KM3NeT is a multisite research infrastructure including two detectors currently in the process of installation: ORCA atmospheric neutrino detector for neutrino oscillation studies and ARCA cosmic neutrino observatory. In last two years both detector sites were equipped with the first detection strings which allowed to obtain the first calibration data. This data contains many atmospheric muon detections which are extremely useful in understanding detector performance and improving detector simulations and calibrations. The aim of this workshop is to review the currently existing simulation codes and tune them to reach agreement with the collected data on the new precision level. Background simulations are also a very computationally intensive task for such detectors and this challenge is needed to be addressed: GRID and cloud infrastructures should be used so software should be platform independent. Automatic workflows for the software deployment and running on different computer infrastructures will be discussed and tested. The simulation workflows also should keep provenance of the data to allow repeatability and traceability of each simulated event. Automatization of the quality control of the data and simulation is yet another key task for this workshop.


12-12-2019: The charm and beauty of the Little Bang
12-12-2019: Circuit complexity and 2D bosonisation - Dongsheng Ge
12-12-2019: M. Tobar - Precision low energy experiments to test fundamental physics and search for dark matter
12-12-2019: MisuraCC3M@LNL: materiali superconduttivi
11-12-2019: Multiplicity and energy dependence of light charged particle production in ALICE at the LHC
11-12-2019: Double-Logarithmic contribution to Pomeron and application to the photon-photon scattering - Boris Ermolaev
10-12-2019: Dai spazio al tempo
10-12-2019: Machine Learning in High Energy Physics - Tommaso Boccali
09-12-2019: Visita ai laboratori della Sezione INFN di Trieste da parte di studenti del Liceo Scientifico dell' IIS Cattaneo-Dall'Aglio di Castelnovo ne' Monti (RE)
09-12-2019: Properties of nuclei in the N=Z=50 region investigated via multi-nucleon transfer reactions and lifetime measurements - Marco Siciliano





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