DATA: 14-11-2019

Speaker: Benjamin Oberhof (LNF INFN) The Belle II experiment follows the path defined by the Belle and BaBar experiments, both of which started taking data about 20 years ago at the B-factories KEKB (Tsukuba, Japan) and PEP-II (SLAC, USA), respectively. Until now all measurements performed at B-factories are in agreement with the Standard Model; nowadays, however, there is compelling evidence for New Physics beyond the Standard Model from various sources. For this reason KEK has decided to upgrade the existing KEKB accelerator to deliver a 40 times higher peak luminosity which will allow to record a data sample 50 times larger with respect to its predecessor Belle. With such a data set, Belle II will be able to measure the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix with unprecedented precision and explore flavor physics in the beauty, charm and tau sectors. Belle II has also a unique capability, thanks to a new specialized trigger, to search for low-mass New Physics candidates. The Belle II experiment has recently started its data taking at the Upsilon(4S) resonance, and has recorded a data sample of about 6/fb of e+e- collisions. In this seminar, we will review the Belle II detector, the results of the first run and the physics prospects.


11-12-2019: Multiplicity and energy dependence of light charged particle production in ALICE at the LHC
11-12-2019: Double-Logarithmic contribution to Pomeron and application to the photon-photon scattering - Boris Ermolaev
10-12-2019: Dai spazio al tempo
10-12-2019: Machine Learning in High Energy Physics - Tommaso Boccali
09-12-2019: Visita ai laboratori della Sezione INFN di Trieste da parte di studenti del Liceo Scientifico dell' IIS Cattaneo-Dall'Aglio di Castelnovo ne' Monti (RE)
09-12-2019: Properties of nuclei in the N=Z=50 region investigated via multi-nucleon transfer reactions and lifetime measurements - Marco Siciliano
06-12-2019: From kaonic atoms to strangeness in neutron stars
05-12-2019: M. Gromov - Updated results of the geo-neutrino observation with the Borexino detector
05-12-2019: A scuola di radioattivita'
04-12-2019: La fisica incontra la cittą - L'arte ed i suoi segreti: la fisica per svelarli





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