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Ultimo aggiornamento 8 mag 2018
Federico Capone
Sesso M
Tipo Laurea Magistrale
Destinazione dopo il cons. del titolo Dottorato (estero)
Università Universita' Del Salento
Titolo Symmetries of asymptotically flat spacetimes
Abstract In this thesis we study the recent developments concerning asymptotic symmetries in asymptotically flat spacetimes. The thesis has its roots in classical general relativistic literature, but it is projected towards the contemporary research on quantum gravity and holography. In the first few chapters we have summarised, in a hopefully pedagogical way, what is already known and accepted about the BMS symmetry group of four dimensional asymptotically flat spacetimes. Starting from the gained knowledge, in Chapter 4 we began the investigation of the problems related to the extension of the asymptotic symmetry analysis to higher dimensions. The purpose of the study is to have hints in solving the several issues raised by superrotations. Such problems were seen, for example, in the inconsistency of the Wald-Zoupas formalism applied to the superrotation part of the extended BMS group. A further motivation is related to the extension of the correspondence between the Weinberg soft theorems and the BMS symmetry, one of the sides of the triangular equivalence conjectured by A. Strominger and his collaborators. We have obtained the asymptotic expansions of a five-dimensional Bondi metric in inverse powers of r (integers and half-integers) including a term which was neglected in previous literature. However we have not yet computed the asymptotic Killing vectors. An important feature that we explicitly notice is that a plethora of new integration constants (w.r.t. r and u, but angle dependent) can be introduced, the physical meaning of which requires further efforts. We have good reasons to suppose that the functions appearing at order 5/2 in the 1/r expansion play a role analogous to supertranslations in four dimensions.
Anno iscrizione 2015
Data conseguimento 19 ott 2017
Luogo conseguimento Lecce
Luigi Martina   
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